torsdag den 23. januar 2014

Biology class

Right now I am sitting with Makayla Copeland and she said I should blog about her, so here we go.

HII everyone !!! Im Maja's friend I hope you are all having good day ! We cut open a fish on the 21 of January and it was really gross !! It super cold here and its snowing alot lately. BTW Im chinise !! but born in america !! like i was adopted !! :) Me and Maja have math together as well and it is a super boring class but i always talk to Maja ! Im turning 18 in march !! exciting really ! I was thinking about getting a tattoo that says MADE IN CHINA 1996 is that cool or what ?!?!? Well i hope you all enjoyed this totally irrelaevant blog i just thought it was soooooooo cool !!!
 Well thanks for reading this !!

Makayla ( Majas Friend )