torsdag den 6. februar 2014

Ma kay kay

Hello !!
Its makayla again from bio and math!!
We are doing nothing and its super boring because we are all super smart haha
We had a sub today in math and it was fun but the math was hard !! kinda hahah.
Swimming is almost over yayyyy!!!!!! then softball starts and then Maja is going to run track
SHE IS GONNA BE SO BAD ASS !! hahahahahaha
I dont know what else to say other than hiiiii hope you guys are enjoing my pointless blogging but it is fun and since you don't really know me but i am really nice and funny !! hahahaha oh and i am pretty awkward !! :O
Ohhh the movie endless love is coming out it looks soooooo good !!! do you guys like thoes kinds of movies ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OR the fault in our stars THATS IS SOME GOOD READING !! hahaha its still freezing here it is warmer in antartica than it is here..... thats a problem right ?!?!

MAKAYLA :) have a good day/ night whenever you read this